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I always wondered what drove me to being so curious about the old theatres in Baltimore. I had talked to my Grandfather, John  Henry Kilduff Jr. for years, knowing that he was an artist for many years at the downtown Baltimore movie theatres such as the Century/Valencia, Keith’s, Auditorium, and Parkway. He kept quite a pile of old material from what he did, which is what the Kilduffs Web Site is based on. If he had not kept so much, I would have never learned as much as I have. Demnocratic Convention ticket 1912But in all that material, I found it went back even further than I had thought, with my GREAT grandfather, John Kilduff, the doorman of the old Academy of Music, which was torn down in the 1920’s to make way for the Stanley Theatre on Howard Street. John Kilduff was the official ” door keeper” of the 1912 Baltimore National Convention, held at the Fifth Regiment Armory and nominating Woodrow Wilson back then to run for President. If you look real close, you can see they actually spelled his last name wrong on the pass. I’m hoping to post all that I can find about John Kilduff and the Academy of Music and then move to later years with John Kilduff Jr.Howards Program

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