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We just updated the Kilduff’s Motel pages, adding 32 old Motels we didn’t have on the site. We are trying to update the pages with more full sized pics, and in workig on that , we realized there are a few more we still have to add. http://www.kilduffs.com/Motels.html



With Summer arriving, it’s time to get in the car and start traveling. For Summers Sake, Kilduffs updated the web pages for Route 40 ( Pulaski Highway ) for the Northeast section of Maryland. We still have to get the West Section traveled. Plenty of updates on the Motels of Rt 40 in Aberdeen, Havre de Grace, Perryville, Northeast and Elkton. Rt40_599_Perryville_CanvassbackMotel

     We also traveled the Eastern Shore to Chesapeake City, Betterton, Tolchester and Rock Hall.

            Are we missing something, or is this all the access to the old Tolchester Beach ?



”  Havre de Grace Muffler Guy ” could be in trouble. A recent trip North on Pulaski Highway and I noticed the wheel shop in Havre de Grace is up for sale. The shop has the tall ” Muffler Guy” standing in front is one of those things I associate with the town and I would hate to see it go.




I’m trying to get a once a week posting on the “blog”, but it’s been a little busy ( sorry about that ) . Being summer, I figured updating the Kilduffs Motels page ( now two different webpages ) was a good idea. Just a quick inventory through my personal postcard collection found that I was missing 24 motels from Maryland. The most important one missing , seeing that I drive by it everyday is the Ten Oaks Motel in Belcamp / Edgewood. I even managed to locate a postcard for it on EBAY.


The Ten Oaks is still standing and still being used. The entire Kilduff’s Com and Net websites are being refreshed.



We understand that the Kilduffs website(s) have grown large and it’s not always easy to see when we have added new material. Hopefully this post will direct you to updates with provided links and material that will keep you updated and show you the work we have been up to.


Something I thought I would never see ! DSCF8536MICA has done a great job of redoing the front of the Centre Theatre on North Avenue in Baltimore. Thanks to Amy for the the heads upon the marquee , I had no idea they brought it back like this. Can’t wait to see the finished building.

DSCF8540I’ve been hearing all types of rumors for the Parkway, just across the street. While it is still sitting vacant, I see now a chance to bring this old theatre back to life as well.

DSCF8548It’s pretty clear now that nothing of the old Mechanic Theatre is going to be saved. A recent visit shows a large hole and just a tiny bit of the old ( 1960’s ) era theater still standing.


                         Material to be added to the site this week

More updates …………We completely updated two pages that had not been updated for quite some time.



Baltimore Views

Sights_213_BaltimoreBaltimore Sights



 And the Kilduff’s Red Devils page has also been updated.


                           Material to be added to the site this week

Over the past week, the following photos will be added to the Kilduffs websites. Click either to get directly to the Kilduffs sites, Kilduffs.com or Kilduffs.net.

TB_5_TownTheatre_Baltimore For our page on the Town Theatre on West Fayette Street , we recently acquired the above photo.


For the Century Theatre, you have to look hard, but between the two buildings, the towering marquee for the Century / Valencia can be seen.

RZ_1_RidgelyMatyland_CentralAvenueRZ_2_RidgelyMarylandRZ_3_RidgelyMarylandFrom the Eastern Shore, we are still looking for a image of the Ridgely Theatre in Ridgely Maryland, back from when it was a theatre. We did manage to find some old postcards for the town though ( seen above ) .

We have new material not only for the theatre section, but we are working on the Cars section, with this ad …Anyone remember them ?

Car_608_LeeBuickl_PerryvilleMdFor our Factories page…….


I’ve noticed over the past couple of years, the local websites for Baltimore Area Drive Ins has dwindled, and some of them had some really nice photos and information. While I don’t have the biggest collection of photos of Drive Ins, I will update what I have and have it posted soon. Below is a photo circa the 1980’s of the Shore Drive In Theatre. A recent drive by found the location completely overgrown and looks like it’s just waiting to be redeveloped. The sign seen below has survived, but just barely, I ‘ll locate that as well and post it.


Over the past couple of years, Kilduffs has missed a few of the older theaters in Baltimore, mainly those that didn’t quite show movies. We intend to add that material which we have for those as well, along with any information we have.

LU5_LyceumTheatre_TentPromoKilduff’s Media page is long overdue a make over. I’m not sure what the photo below is showing, except that it was broadcast on WCAO Radio (  600 AM ) . I remember back when the station played top forty and was located on Park Hgts. Avenue, just south of the Beltway,  now a housing development.

Media_89_Baltmore_WCAO_PromoKilduff’s has a pile of material to add to the Baltimore Views page. Below is a look at Calvert Street  back in the day.

View_113_Baltimore_CalvertStreetOur Homes Page will also be updated as well. Below, a postcard from Park Heights Avenue looking south at Shirley Avenue.


Updated material 2/1/15

Morris Mechanic Theatre


Baltimore’s Morris Mechanic Theatre is currently being torn down. While not in the ” scope ” of Kilduffs, it is still important and perhaps one of the reasons some of the older movie houses, like the Stanley Theatre were torn down.

MechanicTheatre_Baltimore_2015_2I had heard talk that there were attempts to at least save part of the facade of the building, but at this point, I’m not sure if that is true or not.  A recent drive by found that the entire building is going, and as of February 2015, very little of it was still standing.


Echo Theatre


South Baltimore’s tiny Echo Theatre is no more. The theatre was torn down in 2014 to make way for a residential building from what we can tell. We plan to update the actual web site soon regarding the change.

Apex & Mayfair Theatres lose their Marquees

Both the Apex Theatre ( in Fell’s Point ) and the old Mayfair Theatre ( downtown ) lost their marquees in late 2014. We have photos and will post them soon.

MA25_MayfairTheatre_late2014One of the neat things about the Mayfair ( AKA – Auditorium ) losing the marquee is you can now see the details of the building. There are two stone ladies above the entrance, which for years were hidden by the marquee. Both ladies have survived over the years, although they both have seemed to have lost their heads over the years.MA26_MayfairTheatre_Detail_2014Apex_MinusMarquessApex Theatre – 2015

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