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Sorry for the delay…..Life tends to get really busy but I have plenty to post…

One thing I found recently were several old photos of old B&O train stations northeast of Baltimore. I never imaged such cool old buildings once existed along the now CSX Freight line. I haven’t been able to completely “confirm” many of these, but evidence I have found makes me believe some of these did actually exist. Funny only 100 years ago and not you can’t find a trace or record of any of these.

If anyone knows of a source of old train station photos I’m missing, please let me know. Also, if you see something I have posted which might not be correct, please let me know. I am trying to post a photo of as many old Maryland train stations as I can. I keep finding references to more, but often there is little written for these. I’m new at this, so bear with me.

I was surprised about a year ago when I discovered there had been a PRR station in Havre de Grace, that was torn down years ago. Actually found two photos of it. But in checking old insurance maps, I discovered there was also a Baltimore & Ohio station for Havre de Grace as well (above). The old station is long gone.

This old B&O Station is listed as “Harford”, which makes me think it would have been in Harford County. I remember a reference to a station by this name, but haven’t been able to relocate it. Anyone ?

Stepney Station…..(1890) Apparently B&O Line, haven;t found a reference to it yet, but there is a Stepney Road in Harford County that dead ends at the B&O Tracks.

Belcamp has the “fame” of the Bata Shoe Plant, torn down years ago. Both B&O tracks and PRR tracks, just to East run through the area. Appears this old station ran through Belcamp Maryland back in the day. The tracks still run through as CSX, but the station appears to be long gone.

Wheww, a familiar site !  The old Aberdeen station, still standing, back in the day.

Finally,Van Bibber ( Edgewood ), again a station long gone, and one for which I have found nothing written on. I’ll keep looking and post any updates. Next time, we’ll journey south to Baltimore County long the B&O line, and after that North through Cecil County. I have several pics to share of both.

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    John Bennaman May 14, 2017

    Wow these are amazing finds of Baltimore And Ohio Railroad Thomas. Very interesting. Any luck on finding photos of The Sherwood Diner in Glasgow Delaware at Route 40 and 896. Also do you have any interior photos of the Mayfair Theatre?.
    Thank you
    Sincerely yours
    John Bennaman
    Also can you make me a photocopy of The Parkway Theatre program that you have from 1926. I would love to see both the cover and inside of it.

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