Turn of the Century 1890′ – 1900’s German Baltimore Book

First let me say I failed German Class Twice. So, I have no idea what the Captions say. I’ll try to locate a program in Google, but I do know the images are of Baltimore, around 1900. The Book was not in the best condition, and fell apart as I was looking at it, but I was able to save the pages with some really nice images.

It’s nice to find older images of the Harbor I haven’t seen before.

Sorry for the Hall Marks at the bottom of the pictures. We’ve been finding our images all over the place, which is fine, but we rarely get credit for posting the image in the first place. Sad when you see a picture you took on someone else’s website and there’s no mention of Kilduff’s at all.

We’ll scan a few more of the images at a later date.

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