Some neat old “Academy of Music” Material


One of the interesting things about this website is finding material that I had no idea existed,and being given a window to a Baltimore many many years ago, that seems much like Baltimore today.People were still promoting things, in this case shows, and for some unknown reason, my GREAT Grandfather, kept a box filled with old material from the Academy of Music, where he worked.  I have plenty more to post, and will be adding it to the Kilduffs Com & Net web sites, but wanted to start getting some of it online. The pieceabove is a small pocket sized “Programme” for  The HOWARDS Ball, which appears to have been held once a year, at the Academy of Music. I’m not sure what the story behind the old ball was, but I did find a few of these old programs dated back to 1889.


I also located a pile of these old “Complimentary” tickets for the old theatre, likly from about the same era.. Most of the Material is from the 1880’s to 1920’s. It was about that time that the Academy of Music was torn down for the building of the Stanley Movie Theatre.



Another neat thing I located were the envelopes (Below) that were used to hold the tickets when you bought them. They oftenhad ads on the back for a nearby store.





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