Peter Paul Cities 3D

I’ve seen some of the computer enhanced drawings  programs you can get these days. Long before all this, my dad started actually drawing Cities in a 3D perspective by hand, and he has amassed quite a collection. While not exactly what the Kilduff’s pages are usually about, these are really something to see, and so we post them. These are all hand drawn, using photographs and references to assist. No planes, helicopters, drones or hot air balloons or aerial photographs were used to make these detailed drawings. The Kilduff’s com and net web site will be adding a page for these as well. PeterPaulArtLogoEach drawing is on a 8 x 10 piece of paper, and I have no idea how long each one took to finish, but the detail is amazing. Besides having some of the largest cites in the U.S., he has some very very small towns as well.Peter_Pittsburgh1

This is a double from the collection of Peter Paul. I got as many doubles as I could, but the whole collection is still intact.


I don’t think he did any of Baltimore, I asked several times, but it wasn’t on his radar. He did do Wilmington Delaware and Dover however as well as Cumberland, Hagerstown and Towson…….



and Dover


Many more coming……Comments are welcome.

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