Paul’s Puppets Update

Figured now was a good time to bring out the Paul’s Puppets I have and post them . I bought them at an auction years ago. First up, JoJo

This puppet is a hand puppet. There was also a marionette, I’m not sure where that puppet ended up, but if I get get some recent pictures I will . I’ll post a few more pictures of this hand puppet a bit later…..


Two other marionettes I managed to get at the auction. As luck would have it, I wanted a mermaid puppet , but the auction prices got a bit too high for that one. I ended up getting lesser known characters, but making sure I got both hand and marionette puppets made by Bernie and Edie Paul.


I plan to update the Kilduffs Paul’s Puppets page as time permits. Many of the images on those pages aren’t as big as they could be, but I’m not sure if I can locate better images or not. I’ll let you know……


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