Parkway Theatre – Baltimore – A few pics to Share


With the Centre Theatre getting new life, there’s alot of talk about the fate of the Parkway Theatre, just across the street and a block to the West.  I thought I had a few old “Proofs” for the Parkway and Mayfair as well, but I haven’t been able to locate them (yet). Did find a few old pictures however. The still ( above ) was damaged over the years, with the top part of the building rotted away ( on the picture that is ) . I did manage to scan it and saved the entranceway and most of the marquee.  This photo is circa 1942.


Circa 1949 – North Avenue and North Charles Street. Promo photograph from the collection of John Kilduff and Patricia Paul.


A look at the front of the Parkway Theatre right after it was built.


Going into the 1980’s, the Parkway as the Five West. It had closed a few years earlier.


Work being done on the front of the Parkway Theatre. In the background, you can see the Little Tavern Restaurant, which closed down years ago.

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