Turn of the Century 1890′ – 1900’s German Baltimore Book

First let me say I failed German Class Twice. So, I have no idea what the Captions say. I’ll try to locate a program in Google, but I do know the images are of Baltimore, around 1900. The Book was not in the best condition, and fell apart as I was looking at it, but I was able to save the pages with some really nice images.

It’s nice to find older images of the Harbor I haven’t seen before.

Sorry for the Hall Marks at the bottom of the pictures. We’ve been finding our images all over the place, which is fine, but we rarely get credit for posting the image in the first place. Sad when you see a picture you took on someone else’s website and there’s no mention of Kilduff’s at all.

We’ll scan a few more of the images at a later date.

Esskay – Baltimore – 1953

When talking about Baltimore’s old Manufacturing base, you’ll hear about Bethlehem Steel and the GM Plant, but let’s not forget Esskay !

Pictures come from a 1953 Esskay booklet you would get after a tour of the plant on East Baltimore Street

The plant was torn down several years ago.

Maryland Automobile Club Map – 1924

Clearing of the top shelf of the Kilduffs Library, we located a 1924 Maryland Automobile Club Map book. 440 pages of 1924 maps, which are neat to look at from all over the Country, but the ads and travel notes really got us.

One thing we really thought was neat, and which we had never heard off were small maps outside of each Maryland town, posted on a large sign as you drove into the town. Above is Belair Maryland. Sorry for the size, it’s the best we could do.

When driving, you were reminded to get that ” Automobile Coat”.

Two Really cool old ads for Car Insurance

Old ad for a Baltimore Tea Room

Annapolis – Claiborne Ferry

Harford County – 50 Years ago

One County we don’t give credit to much is Harford County, Maryland. One of my favorite places in Maryland . Here’s a little material we found in our collection…..

Joppatowne, Maryland – Maryland Department of Education – 1967 

Old Bush Tavern 

Just a few old Images we found in the Archives

Somewhere downtown Baltimore – 1920’s

Avalon at Baltimore’s Harbor

Rt 40 Double Decker Bridge – Havre de Grace, Maryland 

Old Havre de Grace Horse Racing Track 

Long forgotten Towson 

Maryland Train Station Updates

 In trying to compile a complete listing of all old Maryland train stations, one of the problems we bump into again and again is incorrect information posted on line.

    Example 1 – We found more than one web site that showed this building  (below) as the Train Station for Port Deposit up in Cecil County, Maryland .

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great old building and looks like an old Train Station. Sadly, it isn’t the Train Station for Port Deposit, and never was. It was a stable and part of the Tome Building from what I have gathered.

The actual Port Deposit Train Station, from an old post card. From what we have gathered if the Train Station above still stands, it’s ruins and we doubt it survived at all.  ( We plan a road trip to confirm this soon) .

Example 2 – Checked a few websites and found this building as listed as the Taneytown Train Station .

Nice building, however newly built and right on the tracks. But it’s not the Train Station, which sits a block down the Street.

Example 3 : Worton Train Station – Worton Maryland. Keep seeing this picture posted…..

Actually this WAS a old Train Station, but for the Town of Black, Maryland. We are still trying to locate the Worton Station, which was a bit bigger.

The reason I posted this is simple, if you see something on the web site that you think may not be correct, please let us know,  We have recently posted new material on Parsonsburg, Pittsville, Willards, Newark and Gridletree which we found rarely mentioned online. We are still looking for a Tudor Style station in Trappe, and a Station in Greensboro that was said to have been ” moved to an Estate”.


Old Baltimore Houses

Looking through an old Baltimore Book I had on the shelf, found a few pictures I thought were interesting……

Above, picture was listed as Baltimore- Annondale


Below, Baltimore – Aneslie

( Below ) Baltimore – Altamasco 

Baltimore – Athol

Baltimore – Tower Hill

Baltimore – Chatsworth

Cockeysville – Mont View

Baltimore – Abell

Not sure the name on the final one – I’ll dig it up

New Material

Well, we have been working on Maryland Train Stations for the past two months, and we have added quite a few old train stations to the site : I found several really good websites , but I never found a website that really had a good description for Eastern Shore stations. Most had nothing at all for the smaller stations on the lower Eastern Shore, and while we don’t have them all (yet),we did manage to locate and photo a majority of them :

Claiborne was the old wharf/station on the Bay. It was moved years ago to St. Michaels’.

St Michael’s had another train station and after digging and digging, we finally found it. Our research showed it had been around Dodson Road in St. Michaels, but all we could find was an empty lot. Further research found the small station a few blocks away on North Street, and getting ready for a major renovation.

Kilduff’s will follow the work and see how it goes……..

A little to the East of St Michael’s was the old Newcomb Station,currently used as a Post Office.


Just to the North, the renovated Stevensville Station can be found.


The old station that has us a tad confused is Trappe/Oxford. Several sites pointed to the Real Estate Business just North of Town, but Kilduff’s had read that the old station for Trappe was a different style building, more of a Tudor Style and had been converted into a residence. We’ll keep digging, but here’s what we have so far.


On the Northern section of the East Shore, ( not quite Cecil County ) , we have read again and again about the tiny Worton Station. We drove through Town three times, looking and looking with no luck, but as we were leaving Town for the next Town on the list, we found it.

The tiny station is just South of Town and appears to be used as a home. We’ll try and get some better pics in the future, but it’s cool just to add the hard to find station to the website.


Two Stations I knew existed but could never find were East New Market and Goldsboro. I email from the town of East New Market (Thank You ) who helped find that station and a drive through Goldsboro located that one. Two Really cool old stations .

East New Market Train Station – Eastern Shore, Maryland.


And the Goldsboro Station (Below)

Both Stations look like they are waiting for work to be done so that they can get renovated. 

I’m still missing a few Eastern Shore Stations, but it’s just a matter of time before I find them and add them. Two stations I am looking for are the Greensboro Maryland train station that I have seen postcards for, but seems to have vanished. One website states it was moved to a area Estate. Still looking to see if it’s still standing.  I also have conflicting information of the station at Trappe. The Station I located outside of Town is NOT the style building I was looking for………

Looking around the lower Eastern Shore, I have a few stations that caught my eye. The station at Newark has been renovated and is currently a museum. The building is in great condition and well worth a visit. 

Newark / Queponco Maryland Train Station 

Just South of Newark is the Girdletree Station(s). The old Passenger station is found along Onley Road.

The Freight Station can be found one block to the North 


A bit to the West of Girdletree you’ll find the old Westover Station

Finally, the three old stations on the Lower Eastern Shore that never seem to make anyone’s list. Actually found them n the State Website for the Maryland Historical Trust and I was very pleased all three were were not only still standing but in excellent condition. 

Parsonsburg – Maryland – Old Train Station ( Moved to Pittsville Maryland )

As you travel East on Old Ocean Highway, the old Pittsfield Station stands. 

And finally, for this post, the old Willards Train station stands in great condition. 


New Pages on Kilduffs !

Finally got them started ……..Maryland Other 


and Old Maryland Gas Stations 

Update on The Mayfair Theatre

Just drove by the old Mayfair on Howard Street . The building has been reduced to just the facade.

Darn tree…..I’ll get a better pic soon. The rear of the facade.