Port Covington – 1950’s

Worton Maryland Train Station – Upper Eastern Shore

Working on old Maryland train stations has been a lot of fun, and I’m far from done. At first , we were trying to just list those stations that were still standing, and we tried use a few online databases fir direction. I love the internet and what you can find on it, but you really have to cross check what you find out there. I found several great sources for old train stations, but none of them listed the three stations between Salisbury and Ocean City, Parsonsburg, Pittsville and Willards. All three towns still have the town train station standing and all three are in excellent condition.

( Parsonsburg Station was moved to Pittsville years ago ) .

So when I read that the Worton Station was still standing, I was able locate the station identified as the Worton Station,and posted the pics, only to find the building was actually the old Black Town Station. Follow ups to find the Worton Station have been unsuccessful, and I’m guessing the Worton Station is no longer standing.

Where is this all going, you ask ? Simply put, if you see where we have made a mistake , please let us know. I really want to make sure the information on this web site is complete and accurate. We have tried to make it as accurate as possible, but we sometimes get mislead and make mistakes. Thanks !


Well, it was time for a much needed make over for Kilduffs.net. I loaded a web page maker for the site, and it even costs me a few dollars, but after about a year, that webpage maker stopped working and they wanted more money….so, as cheap as we are, we found a new and much better ( and free ) webpage maker to get Kilduffs.net up to the level we want it to be at. 

The Kilduffs.com pages have not been bothered with , but I really want to get the Kilduffs.Lite site to the level I see it could be at. Please check in when you have a few minutes as I expect the Kilduffs.net site to improve quickly.

Neon leaving Joppa Rd

I have heard this is the last week for the old Bel-Loc Diner at Loch Raven Blvd and Joppa Road. I have no idea what the plans for the old diner are, or the plans for the property. The old Bel-Loc Diner sign will be missed.  I have a few older photos I’ll dig out in a few. Just down the street the Baynesville Electronics store and it’s long Neon signs has also closed. I hope both the signs are saved……..

Clicquot Club Dance – 1925

As you know, we are busy looking through the papers in out collection. This one dates to 1925

Held in the Schanze Hall ( Still standing ! ) , here is an old program for the Clicquot Club First Annual Dance.

The program is only a few pages …..

That ad on the lower left should answer any questions as to why he kept the program.


Princess Theatre – Baltimore – Old Program 1924

We don’t usually find a lot of old programs from smaller neighborhood area theatres, so when we spotted this one on EBAY, we had to grab it.

The Program, dating back to 1924, is packed with old ads.

Perryman Maryland

Not a typo, Perryman, which I always got confused with Perryville, that larger town up in Cecil County, is a smaller town in Harford County. I read where there had been a train station in town

, and the tracks cut right through the center of town, With trains going the speed they down these days, the railroad crossing is now a big fence, and a bridge has been constructed just south of the Town to get to the other side. There is a really neat small Post Office I will be adding soon, but I also located a neat old town store………

The store is right on the tracks and I’m sure has quite a history to share…..We’ll be adding more soon on Perryman.


So…who exactly was John H. Kilduff ?

With three web sites and mountains of Baltimore and Maryland information posted under the name, who exactly is John Kilduff you ask……Well, only as family luck would have it, I found a box of old family photos which will answer that question for both of us……

It’s an odd thing finding a box of old pictures of your grandfather dating back to the early 1900’s, but after sitting in a box for so many years, I thought it would be a nice idea to share them. 

John KIlduff and his grandfather, I can only imagine how many years his history goes back or the life he lived. 

The pictures being so old and some of the photos are very small, but I did my best on editing them .

More pics coming for this post ……..

Turn of the Century 1890′ – 1900’s German Baltimore Book

First let me say I failed German Class Twice. So, I have no idea what the Captions say. I’ll try to locate a program in Google, but I do know the images are of Baltimore, around 1900. The Book was not in the best condition, and fell apart as I was looking at it, but I was able to save the pages with some really nice images.

It’s nice to find older images of the Harbor I haven’t seen before.

Sorry for the Hall Marks at the bottom of the pictures. We’ve been finding our images all over the place, which is fine, but we rarely get credit for posting the image in the first place. Sad when you see a picture you took on someone else’s website and there’s no mention of Kilduff’s at all.

We’ll scan a few more of the images at a later date.

Esskay – Baltimore – 1953

When talking about Baltimore’s old Manufacturing base, you’ll hear about Bethlehem Steel and the GM Plant, but let’s not forget Esskay !

Pictures come from a 1953 Esskay booklet you would get after a tour of the plant on East Baltimore Street

The plant was torn down several years ago.