Old Harford Gas Station lost……


It was one of those little things I would just happen to notice everytime I drove by…A well maintained little 1920’s era gas station in Harford County at the Corner of Belair Road and Harford Rd. I’m happy I recently had the chance to stop by and get some pictures, as my most reent drive by found the old gas station building gone.

One of the car dealerships on the other side of the street has some old gas pumps in front it it I’ll grab some pictures of soon. This old gas station reminded me of another old station that sat idle for years a few miles south of this intersection on Belair Road, near the Harford County / Baltimore County line. That station was torn down years ago.

Spring is coming, so I’ll be traveling about and hope to find a few more examples left standing in the County. Below is a old gas station in the Joppa Area on Rt 7.


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