Old Baltimore Theater Window Cards

I was never quite sure where to post these on my Kilduffs Website. My grandfather passed away many years ago, and kept these old window cards from various theatres in Baltimore.

KilduffOrg1On the top of the old Keith’s Theatre on Lexington Street, for many years, a club was located that often featured jazz. The facade of the old theater still stands but the actual theatre was torn down years ago.KilduffOrg2Ford’s Theatre in Baltimore was a playhouse on West Fayette Street, across the street from the Town Theatre ( Everyman’s ) . Ford’s was torn down in the 1960’s, replaced by a parking garage.

KilduffOrg3It looks like this old movie promo dates back to the 1920’s. For being 90 years old, it appears in nice condition. Likely used by the Century on Lexington Street .

KilduffOrg4Another early window card from the Century Theatre.KilduffOrg5Ford’s Theatre had a variety of live presentations over the years.










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    Russ Sears June 25, 2015

    Hello: Kahl’s was at Ferry Bar, the foot of Light Street. At one time the ferry went from there over to what was Anne Arundel County. In 1918, Baltimore City annexed that area and the hospital is about where the south side of the Light Street Bridge was. If you need more information, I will ask my wife to send a copy of here article on Kahl’s.
    Great site. Thank you. Russ Sears, Baltimore historian and artifact collector.

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