Old 1900 Baltimore Street and Alley Names

Old Baltimore Street Names – 1900

While checking an old map for a location, I coould not help but notice the old street names for Baltimore, circa 1900.

Please , if see you see any that have survived, let me know.

If the name doesn’t have “street”, “road” or a prefix, I’m just putting down what the map said.

Alluvion, Arch

Bank Lane, Bankard Alley, Becks Lane, Burgundy Alley, Butcher’s Lane

Cairo Street, Chicago Avenue, China, Camel Alley,Crooked Lane, Comb Alley, Cider Alley

Diamond, Denver

Elk, Elbow Lane

Forney Alley, Foreman’s Court

Goldsmith Alley, Gunpowder

Haw, Hog Alley, House Court, 

Jew’s Alley 

Little Green

Mary Anna,  Mangold

Napoleon Avenue 


Pressbrick Court, Prince, Pimlico Alley, Pig Alley, Peach Alley

Stag Alley, Stump Alley

Welcome Alley, Winter, Wooster, Wormseed Alley 





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