More Old Train Station Pics – From Cecil County Md

If you look on a map for Aiken Maryland,you’ll see the tracks for the CSX (B&O OldLine),but it’shard to imagine there was once a train station here. The photo dates back to to the 1890’s, and I found a small collection of them I am sharing. Sorry for the quality ( or lack or it ), but I do the best with what I find.

I believe Leslie was also a stop in Cecil County along the B&O Line. Photo is dated from the late 1800’s,perhaps around 1890. I haven’t found much n these old stations, but I did find a map of all old Railroad stations which did should stations at these two locations.

Child’s is the final old station for the B&O Railroad I could find, so far. I may  have mixed up locations so bear with me.I find it odd that there’s absolutely nothing I could find written  about  these.

Baltimore County is next…….

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