Lobster Shacks – Models

Sooo, you ask , what does a website on John Kilduff and Maryland have to do with a ” Lobster Shack” ? What is a ” Lobster Shack” anyway. you are probably asking, with good cause. Well, After my grandfather “retired”, he continued in his hobby of art of from what I can tell, traveled to Maine to visit my other grandfather , Bernie Paul of Paul’s Puppets. ( Now you see the connection to all this stuff )……Anyway, he was interested in the tiny seaside shacks that were used to house the lobster traps when they weren’t being used.

At first he worked on drawings of the structures, but soon after he began to create small hand modeled structures on pieces of driftwood he would find. The detail on these was amazing, as you will see.

The entire model is about a foot long. Each Lobster Shack was different and depending on the driftwood, would be simple or complex, with small wooden walkways wandering their ways to small boats on the model.

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