Keiths Theatre Proofs 1930s

Not to be outdone, I have a collection of old proofs from the Keith’s Theatre just a block to the West on Lexington Street as well. From what I can gather, looking at the dates on these movies, John Kilduff worked at the Century in the 1920’s and early 1930’s. It appears he then went to work for the Keith’s Theatre. KB70_KeithsTheatre_Proof

All the years from the first group of Keith’s “Proofs” come from 1933 and beyond. The actual drawings I have are also from the Keith’s Theatre. While the ads appear to be in nice condition, I’m a little surprised that newsprint paper over 80 years old is still holding up.

KB71_KeithsTheatre_ProofI’m not sure if John Kilduff worked at both theatres at the same time, but I’ll figure it out. “Proof” above is circa 1933.


A 1934 “Proof” for the Keith’s Theatre in Baltimore Maryland. The old theatre front is still standing, but the actual auditorium was torn down in the 1950’s, and was built into a parking garage and later just a parking lot.


Keith’s “Proof” for the Baltimore Sun.

KB74_KeithsTheatre_ProofAgain, from around 1934


One way I can tell the “rooks” from all the old ads is that the back of the ad will have material on it, while the “Proof” will be blank. I fund a whole folder of “Proofs” for the Keith’s Theatre, and I’m trying to post as many as possible.

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