Keiths Theatre – Baltimore Ads, originals – 1930’s


As promised, here are a few of the old actual newspaper ads I have , done by John Henry Kilduff, for the Keith’s Theatre on Lexington Street in downtown Baltimore City. I did as little editing on each to show all that was put into making them, and most appear to be hand dawn ink pieces. White paint is sometimes used to highlight and once in a while, a photograph os a star is cut out and glued in place. KB804_KeithsTheatreAd_1931Notes to the local newspaper are still visible in pencil in the top and bottom borders of this old 1930’s ad for Keith’s. It appears some of the ad was actually cut out of an earlier ad or promo material the theatre had recieved for the release of the movie.

KB803_KeithsTheatreAd_1932All of the detail inthis ad is done with a fine black ink pen. The highlights and lines around the star were all done by hand and even the information about the prices of the movie were hand drawn.


The ads are backed on cardboard stock and most of them in in excellent condition. The neat part is if you look real close, you can see where John Kilduff signed each piece of his art. You have to look close and I found an old ad a few years ago in a local paper of an ad I didn’t have and found his signature there as well.

KB802_KeithsAd_1931I saved the best for last, this ad is incredible and will likely end up on my wall framed. The face of  Warner Oland appears to be cut out from promo material, but the rest of the ad is all handdrawn. The whole ad only measures a few inchs in size.

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