Havre de Grace Muffler Man – MIA


Whenever you travel down Rt 40 from Cecil County, The Muffler man was always there to greet you and welcome you to Harford County and Havre de Grace. Our recent adventure North found the Muffler  Man to be Missing in Action. Anyone know where he is now and is he ok ? I’ll dig up some shots from last year we took  ( once I find them ) of the Muffler man in happier days

028……..On a completely unrelated matter, we spotted this sight deep in Cecil County on a back road. Ronald appears to be chained down ( likely to prevent theft ) and seems pretty happy with how he’s being treated. Come to think of it, the Rt 40 Elvis ( on the old Double T Diner in Rosedale ) is gone once again, as the old Diner has been converted to a used car lot. We’l get some pics. RonaldinCecilCo

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