Finally got Kensington!!!!!

No matter what I did, I would always forget Keningston Maryland in Montgomery County. Hidden in this Montgomery County neighborhood was not only a neat old train station but a Armory building.TrainStation_240_Kensiington

Kensington’s Train Station 


Kensington’s Armory – Now Town Hall Building

Pages on Kilduff’s Com have been added and updated for both. This just leaves the Armory Building in Cumberland, but we have also discovered a Armory Building in Laplata that has a Art Deco look to it, and that will be added in the future as well.

While we were down that way, we also located and added the Garrett Park Marc station as well. TrainStation_242_GarrettPark


And as much as I have heard of it, I never knew the Echo Park in Montgomery County was still around…..Other_7_GlenEchoPark

Even on a gloomy day, that Park is really neat to visit……

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