Featured Theatre for the week

Featured Theatre of the Week

Ouch, I noticed  I really tend to get behind on the Theatre if the week, but I’ll keep at it until I get it right…….Once a week, Kilduffs will feature a Baltimore area ( and sometimes we’ll step out and find a Maryland area theatre to feature ). The page will keep get additions to keep, which should help you to see the new material we are adding to the sites. The older entries are under the most recent post.

Empire Theatre – Oakland Maryland 11/20/15

Just my luck, I travel from the Baltimore area to Oakland. I thought Cumberland was a long drive, but Oakland……whew. But we make it there and now the sun is in one of those positions that makes the photo shadowing rough. I did manage to update the page though for the Empire, Maryland and Opera House in Oakland. Neat little town to say the least .

Towson Theatre, Towson Maryland 11/10/15

TC600_Towson_TowsonTheatre_1950sI’ve got a few new pictures of the Towson Theatre to post. They did a nice job on the exterior of the theatre, with a new paint job and it really does look good. Should have those pics posted on the site this week.

                                         Mascot Theatre – Baltimore Maryland 8/16/15



One of those places you could drive by and never know it was there, trust me I know. The tiny Mascot was an early Baltimore theatre, and the building was long converted into store and later a garage. On Greenmount Avenue just south of 25th Street .

                                    New Theatre – Mount Savage Maryland 8/09/15


There were actually two movie theatres located in Mount Savage Maryland, just outside of Frostburg. The Majestic was torn down years ago, but the New Theatre still stands, converted to other uses.

Devon Club – Luke ( Western Maryland ) 8/2/15DK4_DevonTheatre_LukeMdBelnord Theatre – East Baltimore 7/26/15


Tivoli Theatre – Frederick Maryland 7/19/15



Sun Theatre – Rising Sun Maryland

Santoy Theatre – Lonaconing Maryland ( Western Maryland ) 7/12/15




Rex Theatre – Baltimore City 7/5/15



Irvington Theatre – Baltimore City 6/28/15




Playhouse Theatre – Baltimore 6/21/15


Harford Theatre – Baltimore 6/14/15

                                                6/7/15 Churchville Drive In – Harford County Maryland



There’s not much left of the old Churchville Drive In located in Churchville Maryland. The old Drive in, the second last in Maryland to survive that we know of, closed a few years back. All we have left is the Bengie’s Drive In located in Middle River.


Palace Theatre – Frostburg (Western Maryland) 5/31/15



Northwood Theatre – Baltimore 5/24/15


Frederick Theatre – Baltimore 5/17/15



New Theatre – South Cumberland ( Western Maryland ) 5/10/15


I’m not to familar  with Western Maryland, but a few trips last years made me really enjoy traveling out West. The City of Cumberland has many theatres in it’s past, most of them gone, except for the Embassy Theatre downtown, but there are a few survivors still in town. Traveling south from downtown, South Cumberland has a few reminders still standing along Virigina Avenue. There were a few others , early nickleodeons, that have since been torn down as well.


Metropolitan Theatre – Baltimore  5/3/15


Since we made reference to the Metropolitan Theatre last week, and in hind sight,the theater was actually right where much of the ” civil unrest ” occurred, we figured we’d go back a few years and highlight the theater, which stood at the site of the now ” famous ” CVS Store at the corner. The old theatre was torn down in the 1970’s, as plans were made for the new subway tunnel.


Schanze Theatre – Baltimore 5/3/15SD701_Schanze_Baltimore_2013

Watching the news this week and all the events that have happened in Baltimore Spring 2015, it was odd to see the CNN helicopter flying over North Avenue and Penna Avenue. The building across the street from the activity was the Schanze Theatre, which had been just south of the Wilson’s Restaurant, which had been directly on the SW corner of North and Pennsylvania Avenue. On the caddy corner stood the Metropolitan Theater, which was torn down in the 1970’s, and the site is now a subway station.


Centre Theatre – Baltimore  4-25-15


It’s always been one of my favorite old movie theatres, and I thought all hope was lost, but the colleges ( MICA & University of Baltimore ) have put out enough positive energy to bring back the Centre Theatre. While not quite a movie house per say, the front has been brought back to near perfect specs.

New Theatre – Salisbury 4-18-15


One of the tougher parts of making theatre pages is working on areas for which I’m not at all familiar. Many of the smaller cities and towns have left me scratching my head on the theatre history of the town. I’ve had some great input from some towns, like Cambridge, Havre de Grace and Cumberland, but others aren’t quite as easy, like Easton, Union Bridge and Salisbury. I found the above post card for Salisbury and if you look closely on the left side, you can clearly see the marquee of the New Theatre.

Holiday Street Theatre – Baltimore

HolidayStreetTheatre_Baltimore (2)

Never showed movies , which came much later than the Holiday Street Theatre, but after we found a old pic of the theatre, we had to share it.

Keith’s Theatre – Baltimore 2/28/15

KB302_Keiths_Baltimore_AtNightKeith’s is one of the theatres that my Grandfather worked at , and therefore, I have a collection of material of the theater. The picture above was found in a collection of photos in the Patricia K. Paul Collection, and while most of the photos we have found were of the Century, we did manage to find a few of the Keith’s. The photo above dates back to 1941, and is looking West on Lexington Street towards Park Avenue. I posted a few more photos and I am planning to post several newspaper ads he did ( hand drawn ) for local papers for the Keith’s. Most the updates are getting posted on Kilduffs.net as Kilduffs.com is acting up in posting new material right now.

Keiths Policy outline

Morris Mechanic Theatre ( 2/20/15 )

MechanicTheatre_Baltimore_2015The Mechanic Theatre, Baltimore’s answer to tearing down so many old movie houses back in the 1950’s and 1960’s, and the spotlight of Charles Center, along with the Tower Theater two blocks north, has been torn down. The Century/Valencia, Keith’s, and Stanley were all torn down and the response was to build the Mechanic. While the architecture was a bit different, and I’m not a big fan to see the Stanley being torn down, I kind of liked the Mechanic. But after sitting vacant for years, it was finally razed to make way for another downtown tower. Funny that the Hippodrome and Town, older theatres that might have been torn down years ago, have been brought back and thrive to this day. As much as many never liked the Mechanic, it’s still sad to see it good.

    Academy of Music / Baltimore ( 2/10/15 )

Before there was the Stanley Theatre, the address of 518 North Howard Street in downtown Baltimore City was the location of one of Baltimore’s earliest theatres, the Academy of Music. Academy of Music Ticket TheAcademyofMusic_Program (2)Harris Letter

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