Eastern Shore – old Train Stations

Took a trip ( ok…several trips ) and I was able to get a few photos of some of the old train stations over there. The Kilduffs page has been updated with the complete collection, but I figured I ‘d share a few on here as well. TrainStation_138_Cambridge

The old Cambridge Station is in excellent condition and is currently a Real Estate Office. Right across the street is the water, with a beautiful view. Also had a chance to peek in on the State Theatre on Race Street, and while the construction is still going on, the theatre was still there !

The next stop was Salisbury and the old train station there. Thsi a cool old building, and I have heard rumors they want to make it into a Farmer’s Market.


The old train station in Princess Anne is off the beaten path, but is still standing and looks to be in nice condition. I could not tell what the building was being used for.


The Station at Pocomoke City is a bit harder to find, but is still standing and is in nice condition.


Finally, for this post, the station in Snow Hill, again, in very nice condition,. I photographed a few others, and added them to the Kilduffs.com site.

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