Arcade Theatre – Salisbury Maryland

Trying to test to see if it’s a good idea to bring the website over to Work Press. I understand the website has been made with a much older webpage maker, but I’m not sure if Word Press is the way to go to update the page. As a test, I’m putting together a ” Test Page ” for the Arcade Theatre in Salisbury Maryland. Here Goes….


The Arcade Theatre was located on Main Street accross the street from where St Peters intersected, in downtown Salisbury. It burned down years ago and the building was replaced, and is currently being used by a local TV Station.



Above are two postcard views of the same location, in different years. The bank you see on the right is still there and is still being used. On either side of the old Arcade Building site are two Art Deco banks that are both in nice condition. Kilduffs has a photo of each on our Maryland Banks page. Researching Salisbury is a little tricky, with many of the old buildings apparently gone after many years.

Below, the building on the site of the old Arcade Theatre in Salisbury, Maryland.

Down the street from the Arcade Theatre was Ulman’s Opera House (Below). That building burned down years ago and the site is now an empty lot.


The New Theatre was located on Race Street

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