Baltimore Monuments

We have had a page for Baltimore Monuments posted for over ten years ….amd while we’ll stay out of alll the discusion regarding the topic, we figured a link to the page, which has been updated was in order…


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Been working on the pages……We found postcards from all over the Country. We plan to do more on the Maryland pages this Fall, but it’s cool to see what else te Country has to offer.


Baltimore Highway Plans that never happened

Baltimore Highway and Tunnel Plans

You have to wonder what Baltimore and the surrounding Counties would be like if the plans from 1959 came true and there was a “Outer” beltway built. Today, as you travel north in Baltimore County, it’s about as peaceful as you can imagine. While I see the positives of such a beltway to the beltway, I’m happy to see the idea was just that, an idea. If you look closely, you can see yet a third highway north of the Outer Beltway.

The tunnel idea was probably not the best idea either…………

Ok…..The harbor bridge…..again, probably better it wasn’t built.


Baltimore – 1959 & McDonald’s Restaurants

Looking through an old 1959 Baltimore Commerce travel guide, I found a page of Baltimore Carry outs from circa 1959.

Surprisingly, the count of McDonald’s located back then in this area was only three. 

I believe McDonald’s began to expand around 1955. The three locations in the Baltimore Metropolitan Area I could find were :

619 East Joppa Rd, Towson – If the address is correct, now part of the Black and Decker Complex

7010 Ritchie Highway – There are fast food restaurants in that block today, but no McDonalds.

7734 Wise Avenue – While a much newer building, there is still a McDonald’s at this location.

I know addresses change as areas grow, so I got it wrong, please let me know. I post the other restaurants that were around back in 1959 in a bit, but a quick check shows 2 John Mackey’s, 3 Mathias Garden Houses, 3 Oriole Cafes, 13 Little Taverns, and 38 White Coffee Pots. Ameche’s had eight locations,  18 Ginos, 3 Hot Shoppes, and three Gordon’s of Orleans Chains.

Locations :

Ameche’s ( 1959)

7710 Wise Avenue

5800 Reisterstown Rd.

2085 York Rd. (Timonium)

Gov. Ritchie Hwy (no numbers given)

Loch Raven Blvd & Taylor Avenue

5807 Harford Road

3519 Dolfield Avenue

Gino’s Restaurants (circa 1959)

619 York Rd (Towson)

5900 Pulaski Highway

4000 North Point Rd

5801 Ritchie Highway

101 East North Avenue

7112 Liberty Rd

1735 Washington Blvd

216 West Baltimore Street

2912 Harford Road

6000 Belair Rd

8910 Belair Road

1602 Eastern Blvd

501 Frederick Rd

1910 Edison Highway

530 Dundalk Avenue

6333 Baltimore National Pike

2129 York Rd (Towson)

8709 Liberty Rd


Old 1900 Baltimore Street and Alley Names

Old Baltimore Street Names – 1900

While checking an old map for a location, I coould not help but notice the old street names for Baltimore, circa 1900.

Please , if see you see any that have survived, let me know.

If the name doesn’t have “street”, “road” or a prefix, I’m just putting down what the map said.

Alluvion, Arch

Bank Lane, Bankard Alley, Becks Lane, Burgundy Alley, Butcher’s Lane

Cairo Street, Chicago Avenue, China, Camel Alley,Crooked Lane, Comb Alley, Cider Alley

Diamond, Denver

Elk, Elbow Lane

Forney Alley, Foreman’s Court

Goldsmith Alley, Gunpowder

Haw, Hog Alley, House Court, 

Jew’s Alley 

Little Green

Mary Anna,  Mangold

Napoleon Avenue 


Pressbrick Court, Prince, Pimlico Alley, Pig Alley, Peach Alley

Stag Alley, Stump Alley

Welcome Alley, Winter, Wooster, Wormseed Alley 





1970’s Baltimore Restaurants

I often get questions about the names of old Baltimore Restaurants –

Here a a few of the ones most asked about :

Nopska – The old boat turned in a floating restaurant in the Inner Harbor righ before Harborplace was built. Was docked next to the Port Welcome.

Remember the Disco Restaurants : Girards at Cathedral and Eager

The Ritz – 28 Light Street

The Pimlico Hotel – 5301 Park Heights

Peerce’s Planation – Dulaney Valley Rd, Baltimore County

House of Welch – 301 Guilford Avenue

Chesapeake Restaurant – 1701 North Charles Street

Harvey House – 920 North Charles Stree

Danny’s – Charles and Biddle Streets

This is just the start of the list……

Welcome Back Parkway Theatre !

If you were to tell me twenty years that the Parkway Theatre would have been ” brought back”, I would have never believed you. I have always been a big fan of the North Avenue theatre…..I always hoped it would survive and it has. Figured it was a good time to share some pics…..

The old theatre was one of several in that area……Lets not forget the Aurora and recently revived Centre.

Back in the mid 1980’s, work was done to the front of the theatre.

It’s never been an easy theatre to photograph. It”s hard to get a good picture with the traffic as it is.

More Old Train Station Pics – From Cecil County Md

If you look on a map for Aiken Maryland,you’ll see the tracks for the CSX (B&O OldLine),but it’shard to imagine there was once a train station here. The photo dates back to to the 1890’s, and I found a small collection of them I am sharing. Sorry for the quality ( or lack or it ), but I do the best with what I find.

I believe Leslie was also a stop in Cecil County along the B&O Line. Photo is dated from the late 1800’s,perhaps around 1890. I haven’t found much n these old stations, but I did find a map of all old Railroad stations which did should stations at these two locations.

Child’s is the final old station for the B&O Railroad I could find, so far. I may  have mixed up locations so bear with me.I find it odd that there’s absolutely nothing I could find written  about  these.

Baltimore County is next…….

Updates – May 2017

Sorry for the delay…..Life tends to get really busy but I have plenty to post…

One thing I found recently were several old photos of old B&O train stations northeast of Baltimore. I never imaged such cool old buildings once existed along the now CSX Freight line. I haven’t been able to completely “confirm” many of these, but evidence I have found makes me believe some of these did actually exist. Funny only 100 years ago and not you can’t find a trace or record of any of these.

If anyone knows of a source of old train station photos I’m missing, please let me know. Also, if you see something I have posted which might not be correct, please let me know. I am trying to post a photo of as many old Maryland train stations as I can. I keep finding references to more, but often there is little written for these. I’m new at this, so bear with me.

I was surprised about a year ago when I discovered there had been a PRR station in Havre de Grace, that was torn down years ago. Actually found two photos of it. But in checking old insurance maps, I discovered there was also a Baltimore & Ohio station for Havre de Grace as well (above). The old station is long gone.

This old B&O Station is listed as “Harford”, which makes me think it would have been in Harford County. I remember a reference to a station by this name, but haven’t been able to relocate it. Anyone ?

Stepney Station…..(1890) Apparently B&O Line, haven;t found a reference to it yet, but there is a Stepney Road in Harford County that dead ends at the B&O Tracks.

Belcamp has the “fame” of the Bata Shoe Plant, torn down years ago. Both B&O tracks and PRR tracks, just to East run through the area. Appears this old station ran through Belcamp Maryland back in the day. The tracks still run through as CSX, but the station appears to be long gone.

Wheww, a familiar site !  The old Aberdeen station, still standing, back in the day.

Finally,Van Bibber ( Edgewood ), again a station long gone, and one for which I have found nothing written on. I’ll keep looking and post any updates. Next time, we’ll journey south to Baltimore County long the B&O line, and after that North through Cecil County. I have several pics to share of both.

Edgewood Maryland – 1950’s