New Images have been piling up

This post might go all over the place ( Sorry about that ) , but I just wanted to try and catch up with some neat old postcards that have been piling up on this end.


Aberdeen Maryland – Rt 40. I have this postcard already, but this view is much better than the older ones I ave found.


Image to add to the Enchanted Forest Collection we have online.


I remember driving by this place, I think it’s a BBQ place now.


The postcard I have on the site is a B&W image, this is a much better one for the Laurel Armory


Not all that old, but even this bank has since changed names over the years – Northern Parkway & Walther Blvd.


If you go to Rising Sun Maryland – you ‘ll see that they have built around the old bank building. You have to ook twice to see the old building, still standing, surrounded by  all the additions.


Old Postcard from Cambridge Maryland  – Many of the small local establishments have been replaced by Chain restaurants.

Western Maryland finished – sort of

We headed West and got a pile of pictures ……almost thought we were done Western Maryland picture shooting for a while, when we already found we have have missed a site. More on that in a bit……

We added two Armory Buildings to the site

Cumberland’s Armory building is in excellent condition, It’s located on Centre Street , and is only a few feet from the I-68 overpass. You can actually see the top of the building when you pass by on the Interstate. This completes the list of all the old surviving Armory Buildings of this style for the page, as I never found the Salisbury Armory. ( I am aware of the newer Salisbury Armory Building on Rt 50, but I have been looking for an older one on Main or Division Street downtown ). As nice as the old Armory Building is in Cumberland, we could not find many references for it online and actually had to search the entire City through Google Maps to find it.Armory_36_Cumberland

Thinking I was complete on old Armory Buildings for the State of Maryland, having recently added Kensington and Cumberland, I have seen a few built in the 1940’s in a Art Deco Style I will be adding as well. There is a Art Deco Style Armory building in LaPlata in Southern Maryland on the photo to do list and we were able to get the Frostburg Armory this past weekend. Armory_37_Frostburg

Banks we added this weekend included the following :


Barton Maryland – Western Maryland. ( Allegany County ) The old Bank has been converted into a Post Office.


Cool Spring Maryland – Washington County.


South Cumberland – Maryland – This cool old bank is located on Virginia Avenue. Used as a Auto repair shop.


Lonaconing Maryland – We have heard of a very ornate bank in the town, but we could not find it. We did find this old bank however.


Midland Maryland – Old First National Bank Building


Myersville – Maryland 

Also had the chance to add several Train Stations to the site :


Myersville – Maryland – Train / Trolley Station


Cumberland Maryland Train Station


Frostburg Maryland Train station


Westernport Maryland Train Station

As for a missed spot, we never really looked for the Mountain Lake Park Train Station, which can be seen on several old postcards on the site. A check found that the old train Station still appears to be standing.


We’ll be traveling out West…Again , Soon.

Laurel Theatre – Laurel Md Gone !


Got an email from someone about the Laurel Theatre having a demolition contract out on the building. I had just been down that way a few weeks ago and figured I’s better drive by and grab some shots before it’s too late. However, on my visit on 6/15/16, the site of the Laurel Theatre was already an empty lot.

Minolta DSC

The Laurel Theatre in 2015

Finally got Kensington!!!!!

No matter what I did, I would always forget Keningston Maryland in Montgomery County. Hidden in this Montgomery County neighborhood was not only a neat old train station but a Armory building.TrainStation_240_Kensiington

Kensington’s Train Station 


Kensington’s Armory – Now Town Hall Building

Pages on Kilduff’s Com have been added and updated for both. This just leaves the Armory Building in Cumberland, but we have also discovered a Armory Building in Laplata that has a Art Deco look to it, and that will be added in the future as well.

While we were down that way, we also located and added the Garrett Park Marc station as well. TrainStation_242_GarrettPark


And as much as I have heard of it, I never knew the Echo Park in Montgomery County was still around…..Other_7_GlenEchoPark

Even on a gloomy day, that Park is really neat to visit……

Updates from a Photo Shoot for Frederick, Washington and Montgomery Counties


Well, the sun has finally come back out, and that means the Kilduff’s Camera crew is back out on force. We started out and I think finished Frederick County , and that was some beautiful Country to drive in. From Frederick County, we were able to add to the and sites : Walkersville Train Station. Braddock Heights Train Station, Adamstown Bank. From Washington County, we added the old bank in Boonsboro, Keedysville Bank, and the Sharpsburg – Antietam Train Station. We had spare time on the schedule, and hopped over to Montgomery County and were able to add the Dickerson Train Station, Gaithersburg Train Station, Germantown Train Station and Bank, Silver Spring Train Station, and Rockville Train Station. and while in Montgomery County, were able to finally get a few pictures of the Poolesville Bank, which we had seen on several postcards in our collection. If we ever started a website on Speed Cameras, our choice would be Montgomery County, where we counted no less than 15 while in the County for our two hour visit.


Maryland Transportation – New Images


Over the past few months, we have been able to locate lots of new images for the websites and The postcard above is just one of three old train stations that I have discovered in Hagerstown, and this one, the B&O station is no longer around. The Western Maryland Station has since been converted into the Police Station.


Rutherford Airport – Baltimore County

Updates on Webpages – Sites

UpdateButtonHere’s what we have gotten done in the past few weeks :

Airports – Added a KilduffsLite page to for airports, 

– Working to to add National Airport in DC and Patuxent Airport to

Armory Buildings – Up to 16 Armory Buildings around the State of Maryland. Only missing Cumberland and Kensington. Also want to get Towson and Pikesville.

Maryland Banks has grown to 92 old bank buildings from all the State.

Maryland Train Stations has also grown to about 50 old stations …and we are still gathering pics and information for that page. KilduffsLite ( page on this topic has also been started.


Just a quick note that, has been redone to be a mobile friendly Kilduffs site. The original site remains and will always remain the same photo heavy site it has always been. But after nearly ten years of being the ” mirror site ” on net, we figured it might be time to update the site, using Work is under way, so please be patient. The new pages will be known as KilduffsLite.comKilduffsLiteButtonTwo


cropped-KILDUFFS3.jpgI know the Kilduff’s website is a tad old, but I still enjoy the way it works and looks. Therefore, will remain the same website it has always been. However, will be undergoing a complete change over as it makes the Kilduffs website easier to see and manage on mobile devices. The change over has already begun, and it might take a while. Bear with me as the pages are created.

Arcade Theatre – Salisbury Maryland

Trying to test to see if it’s a good idea to bring the website over to Work Press. I understand the website has been made with a much older webpage maker, but I’m not sure if Word Press is the way to go to update the page. As a test, I’m putting together a ” Test Page ” for the Arcade Theatre in Salisbury Maryland. Here Goes….


The Arcade Theatre was located on Main Street accross the street from where St Peters intersected, in downtown Salisbury. It burned down years ago and the building was replaced, and is currently being used by a local TV Station.



Above are two postcard views of the same location, in different years. The bank you see on the right is still there and is still being used. On either side of the old Arcade Building site are two Art Deco banks that are both in nice condition. Kilduffs has a photo of each on our Maryland Banks page. Researching Salisbury is a little tricky, with many of the old buildings apparently gone after many years.

Below, the building on the site of the old Arcade Theatre in Salisbury, Maryland.

Down the street from the Arcade Theatre was Ulman’s Opera House (Below). That building burned down years ago and the site is now an empty lot.


The New Theatre was located on Race Street